Quick Trip to Salzburg

After Munich, Salzburg is a quaint and friendly little town. Instead of about 30 platforms at the train station, there are about 8. Easy access to the city center via a bus that costs about €3 a day. Round trip cost from Munich is only €23 (or only €26 for each additional person) for a Bavaria day pass. You can travel over Bavaria all day for €23!


The Mirabel Garden area is beautiful. Interestingly, there was a guy from Japan (I think) that had a drone and he was remotely controlling it and taking pictures from above the palace – all by remote control. Also, there were a bunch of British guys dressed up as nuns doing a spoof on the “Sound of Music”.

I noticed they are producing a puppet version of the Sound of Music. The original set for the marriage is apparently only about 10 miles from the city center.

On the river, the local Catholic group is doing evangelization – teaming up with the “Free Evangelicals” and singing worship songs on the top of the bridge over the river. Old music, like: Lord I lift your Name on High, and the more modern Mat Redmond songs.

The “Burg” is on the hill, and the church in the foreground. The river passes right through the middle of town.


Day-Trip to Nuremberg

I took the regional train (cheap €23 round trip) to Nuremberg and walked around the middle city for a few hours. There’s a church about every quarter mile. Not a regular church; a cathedral. St. Lorenz (St. Laurence), Frauenkirche (Our Lady).

These churches were destroyed in WW-II and then rebuilt after the war according to photographic records. Nuremberg received considerable damage due to bombing because it was one of the original organizing places tor the party, and it ended up being a place of judgment as well after the war.

One of the things that first struck me after getting off the train was the preponderance of American fast-food restaurants: not shown here were also KFC and Subway. Also, at least three Starbucks in the central part of the town.
The art work in the churches is astaunding – especially the wood carved representations and the iconic images. Nurnberg also contains a large community of wood carvers which create Christmas ornaments and sell them in the Christkindlmarkt.


New Pinakothek – and Hard Rock Cafe

Beginning the daily jaunt, stopping off the bus to look at the “New Pinakothek” art gallery, which is 1800’s+ art) and then proceed downtown to attempt the Hofbräuhaus. The Hofbräuhaus is a whole city block of indoor eating, entertainment with German music, and drinking. The HB company is one of the primary breweries in Bayern, which go back to 1300.

On the other hand, just across the street is the Hard Rock Cafe, which I heard has good burgers, so … it turned out to be the best cheeseburger I have ever had.

I was really taken aback at some of the good art at New Pinakothek! Especially the “Apes as Art Critiques” (see the gallery). Amazing, if you apply that to politics. Very good sculpture as well on Venus and Mars.

Johannes Wolfgang von Goethe – one of the German giants of literature and science (ca. 1810).

(click on the magnifying glass to get better picture results.)