The name means “Our Lady’s Church” and is the cathedral for the diocese of Munich. It is one of the central monuments for the city, and is located a couple of blocks from the Rathaus (city hall). The Rathaus is located in Marienplatz with a very large open walking area and lots of (expensive) stores. For example, a nice pull-over sailing jacket: $400 Euros ($480.00).

Most impressive: the tower and the crucifix suspended above the main portion of the church.



There were two (2) bishops in attendance for Mass on Wednesday – one local from the cathedral, and one from Mexico. Interestingly, the local bishop speaks Spanish, so it was mostly in Spanish. There were also about 10 other members of the church from Mexico in attendance.

This was a regular weekday Mass at 5:30, but that doesn’t stop them from playing the massive pipe organ and there was a turnout of about 200 for daily Mass. The homily was given in German and Spanish.

(best to use magnifying glass for gallery view)


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