Oberammergau and Neuschwannstein 8/8/16

This was my experiment with a “tour bus”. Not my cup of tea, not being into the sardine packing method, having 40 minutes to get out and look around, finding out you have to scale a thousand foot incline to see the castle, and having huge lines everywhere.

Other than that, the countryside is unbelieveable, about 90km – 100km southwest of Munich. The Alps rise up, and little towns are nestled in every valley, each having it’s church with a steeple and a green (onion dome).

We stopped in the little town of Oberammergau (meaning “over the Ammer River region”, and it reminded me of Solvang with its plethora of gift shops. But these purveyed hand made wood carvings by the locals.There was one (shown in the gallery) that was impressive rendition of the Last Supper. This is the place they celebrate an annual Passion Play and there is a large theater (Festival Theater?) in the center of town.

Recommend everyone come to this region to check it out but not on a tour bus. Rent a car and take your time.

Neuschwannstein build by King Ludwig II at the expense of the taxpayers. That is about 1000 feet up from “base camp” where supplies had to be hauled from. This was the source of the concept for Sleeping Beauty’s castle when Walt Disney visited the area in the early ’50s.
Local kids doing their practice performance, playing some pieces from Mozart, etc.
Stunning countryside (picture taken through window of the bus.)

View gallery (recommend using magnifying glass)


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