Day-Trip to Nuremberg

I took the regional train (cheap €23 round trip) to Nuremberg and walked around the middle city for a few hours. There’s a church about every quarter mile. Not a regular church; a cathedral. St. Lorenz (St. Laurence), Frauenkirche (Our Lady).

These churches were destroyed in WW-II and then rebuilt after the war according to photographic records. Nuremberg received considerable damage due to bombing because it was one of the original organizing places tor the party, and it ended up being a place of judgment as well after the war.

One of the things that first struck me after getting off the train was the preponderance of American fast-food restaurants: not shown here were also KFC and Subway. Also, at least three Starbucks in the central part of the town.
The art work in the churches is astaunding – especially the wood carved representations and the iconic images. Nurnberg also contains a large community of wood carvers which create Christmas ornaments and sell them in the Christkindlmarkt.


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