Quick Trip to Salzburg

After Munich, Salzburg is a quaint and friendly little town. Instead of about 30 platforms at the train station, there are about 8. Easy access to the city center via a bus that costs about €3 a day. Round trip cost from Munich is only €23 (or only €26 for each additional person) for a Bavaria day pass. You can travel over Bavaria all day for €23!


The Mirabel Garden area is beautiful. Interestingly, there was a guy from Japan (I think) that had a drone and he was remotely controlling it and taking pictures from above the palace – all by remote control. Also, there were a bunch of British guys dressed up as nuns doing a spoof on the “Sound of Music”.

I noticed they are producing a puppet version of the Sound of Music. The original set for the marriage is apparently only about 10 miles from the city center.

On the river, the local Catholic group is doing evangelization – teaming up with the “Free Evangelicals” and singing worship songs on the top of the bridge over the river. Old music, like: Lord I lift your Name on High, and the more modern Mat Redmond songs.

The “Burg” is on the hill, and the church in the foreground. The river passes right through the middle of town.


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