Mother's Eyes

Mother's Eyes May 9, 2002

An honored day in Spring remembered
When a gift of life arrived
A child with wond'ring eyes so tender
Looks into his mother's eyes.

With the passing of ten seasons
Yet another gift bestowed
Two more autumns brought two other
Miracles, as blessings flowed.

Laughing, crying, feeling fearful
Comforted by mother's touch
Nurture that is always given
With the love that's hers so much.

Ever growing as time passes,
Days and months and years go by
As the lad and the young lasses
Blossom 'neath their mother's eyes.

Then a song of sadness strumming
Brings sweet tears to mother's eyes
As she sees each child becoming
Nearly grown with each sunrise.

Then with distant admiration,
Proudly watching as she might,
Confidently smiling, praying:
"God be with them, day and night!".

© 2002, Dave Retz