A Planet too Large for Comfort

This is a Sonnet of the Shakespearean form, i.e., iambic pentameter, with stanzas ending: "ABAB CDCD EFEF GG".

A Planet too Large for Comfort
Dave Retz, 2011

While billions on this planet do abide
And each arrives and leaves this world alone,
A flood of souls, an overwhelming tide
Of loneliness - the underlying tone.

Why loneliness, as arm-to-arm we stand?
Protecting our self interests with our guard.
Whom do you trust? - the motto of the land
While feigning love: the ultimate canard!

Amidst false hopes and governments' grand schemes
All broken, all in groping search to find
A myst'ry that is only found in dreams:
Providing closeness for all humankind.

"They're slaves unto themselves," the snake proclaims!
"Not right. They're on their knees. Enjoy the flames."

© 2011, Dave Retz

The flood, more than we can control (overwhelming population) (keywords:
man's schemes, false dreams)

The loneliness, each in their heart, what do we have in common, (visual:
movie of masses of people outraged in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Wisconsin). 
How/why do we feel lonely?  Untrust/walls/barriers/self-protection/material

Resolution: who do we think we are? as much as we try, we are brothers and
sisters, sons and daughters of the Creator, who we serve, who cares and is
in control, who owns everything.