The Princess Mouse

The Princess Mouse January 20, 2004

Wee Folk mouse, courtesy of Harlan Munneke / the Mole Hole, Solvang CA

In tattered dress and tattered blouse,
Ragged coat and ragged house
(as every house of mouse would be),
Scurried up the steps and stood:
A tattered mouse.

It happened instantaneously:
Upon the steps, a wond'ring spree!
(as a mouse would really wonder):
Might she really be
Some distant brood to royalty?

The tattered mouse would smile with glee
And see herself as worry-free
(as mice do worry in the night).
Overwhelmed she'd be,
With newly-found security!

Day by day the mousling pondered
Thought by thought her mind would wander
(if mouse-thoughts travel in such streams).
A grain of corn, a crumbly crust,
Provide her feast amongst the dust.

And just last week, a piece of cake
From nearby picnics at the lake
(her just desserts were such a blessing).
In humble house she'd take a break
From feisty cat and hungry snake.

The thought still muttered, barely uttered,
her heart fluttered and she shuddered
(as she often did those wintry nights).
She reflected: was she protected
By some Stranger, well-respected?

A shining star soon healed her fright;
One stood loudly in the crowd
(As stars stand brightly on a moon-less night).
And as she gazed up standing proud
A heav'nly regal Stranger bowed.

Without hurry, rush or scurry
All provided without worry
(in velvet dress and satin blouse),
In regal mansion, not a house,
Honorably stood: the royal mouse!

Proudly knowing of a kingdom
Orchestrated with her freedom
(by a father King with careful vision);
She met the Stranger in her fright
That planned her every need that night.

And that made her a princess.

Written for: Emily Anne Riess, January 20, 2004
© 2004, David Retz. All Rights Reserved.